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Friday, 22 November 2013

Letter to the Oil Free Seas Flotilla

23 November 2013

Dear Jeanette and Bunny

The Canterbury Coal Action and 350.org Christchurch group are grateful to you and your crew for being out there at sea on our behalf and for many other New Zealanders who oppose deep sea oil drilling.  

Many of us will be on the beaches this weekend in support of the Oil Free Seas Flotilla and your small yacht, the Vega – which we see on our screens like David against Goliath, against the giant ‘ignoble’ Bob Douglas. We hope you get to hear about the crowds that turn out in support.

Please know that because people like you are prepared to stand up for what is right, so that future generations and other life-forms on our wonderful planet can thrive, we are all inspired and encouraged to go further and be bolder in our own ways.   Thank you.

Best regards,

Rachel Eyre

On behalf of 350.org Christchurch and Canterbury Coal Action

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